The Unsung Hero of a Computer: An Operating System  

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As per part Technology blogs series, Let’s discuss together an Operating system in computer systems.

We all have basic questions about computer systems at the beginning. 

Have you ever wondered what makes your computer, smartphone, or tablet work

How do all the apps, games, and programs know what to do

The magic behind a computer is called an operating system

Let’s explore what an operating system is and why it’s so important.

What is an Operating System?

An operating system, aka OS,  is like a teacher of your computer. It’s a unique software.

The operating system manages other programs and hardware in a computer. It’s like an orchestra instructor, ensuring every musician (program) plays their part at the right time and in harmony. You can also assume it is like a teacher.

There are many different operating Systems available for us to use on a computer.

Windows: Created by Microsoft, it’s popular on many personal computers (PCs).

macOS: Made by Apple, it’s the OS used on Mac computers.

Linux: An open-source OS used by tech enthusiasts and for running servers.

iOS: IOS is the OS for iPhones and iPads, also from Apple.

Android: Developed by Google, it’s used on many smartphones and tablets.

Now, let us discuss more details about an operating system.

What Does an Operating System Do?

  1. Manages Hardware: The OS communicates with your computer’s hardware, such as the CPU (the brain), memory (RAM), and storage (hard drive or SSD), using a set of instructions known as drivers. These drivers ensure that each component functions optimally and in sync with the others, contributing to the overall performance of your device.
  2. Runs Programs: When you open a game or an app, the OS helps it load and run. It allocates resources (like memory and processing power) to different programs so they can function correctly.
  3. File Management: The OS keeps track of all your files and folders, ensuring you can save, delete, and organize your documents, photos, and music.
  4. Security: It protects your device from viruses and unauthorized access. It manages user accounts and passwords to keep your information safe.
  5. User Interface: The OS allows you to interact with your computer through a graphical user interface (GUI). This can include windows, icons, and menus you click on to use your computer.

Why Should You Care about Operating Systems?

Understanding what an OS does can help you troubleshoot problems, understand how your device works, and even inspire you to learn more about technology and programming. Knowing what’s happening behind the scenes when you use your favorite apps and games is pretty cool!

Fun Facts about Operating Systems:

– First OS: The first operating systems for mainframe computers were created in the 1950s.

– Open Source: Linux is open-source, which means anyone can see its code, use it, and modify it for free.

– Multi-tasking: Modern operating systems can run multiple programs simultaneously without slowing down much.


So, the next time you use your device, remember that the operating system is the unsung hero, making everything work smoothly. It’s a crucial part of technology that helps bring the digital world to life.

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