Parent Corner

This pages gives qucik access to all the process forms . Follow and complete the process!!

Form 1 - My kid needs more homework - Request additional Workbook or worksheets

Form 2 - Plan to skip a class? Already missed a class? Didn't like a class? Need a Make up Session ? - Request here!

Form 3 - Ready to Register? We are very excited to welcome you to our Parinama Family

Form 4 - Want to talk to a teacher? Set up an adhoc Teacher conference anytime!

Form 5 - What do you teach? What is different or same?- Setup a Parent Orientation Registration

Form 6 - Going on a long vacation? (Pause) or Want to leave our academy? (Cancel) course - Links are here!

Form 7 - How was your class? - Give us your Post Class Feedback

Form 8 - We want to improve! Who doesn't- provide us with your Customer survey

Form 9 - Want to join our secret society? - Join our WhatsApp

Form 8 - Have a teenager at home who wants to work hard (Really. No kidding!) Ask them to Apply for internship

Form 9 - You like us - tell us. You love us tell the world - Write a Google Reviews and let he world know how awesome we are!

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