“Parinama Academy:

Transforming Education in Cedar Park, TX (Austin Metro Area) and Round Rock”

Now serving Hutto , Georgetown, Liberty Hill and Plugerville

As a leading educational consultancy and tutoring service, Parinama Academy specializes in grade-specific courses for children ranging from elementary to high school. In addition to our regular offerings, we host seasonal academic camps, college preparation workshops, and a suite of online classes.

Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘Transformation,’ Parinama emphasizes results-driven learning. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized educational journeys that not only meet but exceed learning outcomes, offering a transformative, world-class educational experience for each student.

“What Sets Us Apart?”

  • Tailored Learning Plans: Customized educational pathways to suit individual needs.
  • Daily Worksheets: Consistent and structured practice opportunities.
  • Periodic Assessments: Regular evaluations to measure progress and adapt strategies.
  • Belt Progression: A tiered achievement system to celebrate student milestones.
  • Monthly Parent-Teacher Conferences: Frequent and detailed feedback loops with caregivers.
  • Student Success Manager: Dedicated personnel focused on optimizing student performance.
  • Parent Experience Manager: A specialized team member to ensure parental satisfaction and engagement.
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“Why Are Parents Switching to Parinama Academy from Other Institutions?”

We’ve welcomed over 270 students from Kumon, Mathnasium, Best in Class, Best Brain, Code Ninja, and Eyelevel in just the past year. The reason is clear:

At Parinama Academy, we offer more than just academic excellence; we nurture well-rounded individuals. Our students consistently win state and national competitions in areas like chess, math, and science. We offer a diverse range of courses that parents appreciate, from Math and English to Coding, Chess, and various competitive exam preparations.

Customized Learning Experiences: Parents can opt for private or small group classes, capped at six students per session. We aim for a 3:1 student-teacher ratio to ensure personalized attention.

Flexible Class Schedules: Families can decide how often their children attend classes—be it once, twice, or multiple times a week.

Blended Learning Options: Parents can choose between in-person, virtual, or a combination of both, according to what suits them best.

Added Perks: All our grade-wise monthly classes come with free STAAR preparation and access to, along with a Student Success Manager dedicated to customizing the curriculum to meet each student’s needs.


We proudly present our credit chess program, a comprehensive learning experience dedicated to catering to the unique needs of chess enthusiasts, be they beginners or seasoned players. Our mission is to help students of all skill levels deepen their understanding of the game and refine their strategic thinking.

One of the standout features of our program is our intricate belt system. This has been carefully designed to not only track and recognize the progress of our students but also to provide them with tangible milestones and goals. Whether you’re someone who enjoys a casual game over the weekend or a competitive player aiming for championship titles, our belt system provides a clear pathway for growth and improvement.

At Parinama, we understand that chess is more than just a game; it’s a journey of intellectual and personal growth. Therefore, beyond our core chess program, we also provide additional offerings and opportunities for our students to enhance their chess skills. Whether you’re looking to participate in tournaments, receive personalized coaching, or engage in advanced strategic discussions, Parinama has something tailored for every chess enthusiast.

Come and be a part of our community, and let us guide you in your journey to become the best chess player you can be.


At Parinama Academy, we specialize in providing targeted training for the TAG (Talented and Gifted) program entrance exams, namely the COGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test), NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test), and OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test). To ensure that our students receive the best possible preparation, we’ve developed custom workbooks tailored to each of these tests. These Parinama-exclusive materials have been proven by time to help our students become well-equipped to tackle the challenges of these entrance exams





Parinama Academy provides a comprehensive mathematics program tailored for students according to their grade level. This program aims to boost students’ confidence, allowing them to excel in school and stay a step ahead of their peers. By following our curriculum, students can strengthen their foundational math skills and be better prepared for the academic challenges they’ll face in their respective classes.

In addition to our grade-specific courses, Parinama takes pride in being an accredited center for hosting the renowned Math Kangaroo competitions. These competitions give students an excellent opportunity to challenge themselves and showcase their mathematical prowess at an international level.

Furthermore, Parinama offers specialized courses in Vedic Math. This ancient Indian technique offers a unique approach to solving mathematical problems, allowing students to calculate faster and more efficiently.

For those aiming for competitive excellence, we also offer preparation courses for the Math Olympiad, specifically targeting the MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School) level. These courses delve deep into advanced math topics, ensuring that students are well-prepared for such prestigious competitions.

At Parinama, our mission is not just to teach math but to foster a love and understanding of the subject, ensuring that every student has the tools and knowledge to succeed in both academic and competitive arenas.

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Vacinationed teachers ,Masks mandates, hand and site Sanitazation are the CDC protocosl we are following to protects the kids, teahers and the parents who attend our inperson classes.

Are you curious about how can we provide a safe learning environment  ?




During these COVID times, we want to ensure we provide the best Online live experience combined with a hybrid learning approach using online resources and offline resources such as workbooks and worksheets

How does our online live class work? 





We provide after-school programs in person through RRISD/LISD and through our center. These programs are available in person and online Live.

ISD programs are one hour  on campus for in-person and our center programs are two hours from 3 pm-5 pm Monday to Thursday where we cover Math, English along with homework help

Parinama academy Checkmate chess @ your school

Classes are 3:00PM – 4:00 PM

England Elementary
Mondays, Sep 11 – Nov 27
No Class Sep 25, Oct 9 & Nov 20

Spicewood Elementary
Tuesdays, Sep 12 – Dec 5
No Class Nov 21

Laurel Mountain Elementary
Wednesdays, Sep 13 – Dec 6
No Class Nov 22

Fall 1 – Fern Bluff Elementary
Thursdays, Sep 14 – Oct 19

Fall 2 – Fern Bluff Elementary
Thursdays, Oct 26 – Dec 7

Future-Ready Skills

From Preschool To College (and beyond) 

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Our Flagship courses

Math Genius

Vedic Math


Math Olympiad

Gradewise English


Creative Writing

Story Telling

Public Speaking



Spelling Bee

Math Bee




Arts &Crafts

Geography Bee

We deliver outcomes by planning and executing

Outcome-based approach – Our unique teaching methodology. We plan, we teach – kids learn, and we access what the kid learned.

As simple as that!! Each of you should ask your teacher’s post-class recap email in case you are not receiving them.

We include a lot of content, including

  1. What was taught in each class
  2. What will be taught in the next class
  3. What is our high-level plan for each course – our belts and sprints.
  4. Where your kid is in this belt system
  5. When is the test/assessment for these concepts?
  6. What format did the teacher use for teaching, three 20min or four 15min – proprietary 60min formats
  7. What is your kid’s homework?
  8. How to set up a Parents teacher conference?
  9. How to set up a Student success review conference?

In Short, these questions, which will be answered from trial to post-class, must answer the question “What is the outcome you are getting from Parinama Academy?

The formats are here for your review, including the syllabus

We have no contracts or commitments.

Do let us know if we can help with test prep or course work or homework help.

Did you know – we offer free homework help for any student. Contact us to learn how you can benefit.

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