Spring break and Summer camp 2020 registrations now open

3109 Kenai Drive cedar park TX Unit 103 (Opposite to Ranch at Brushy Creek)

How are we better than Kumon, Best Brains,Mathnesium,Best in class,Eyelevel ,Code Ninja?

Monthly (Intense)
$102.50per month
  • 4  one and half hour Scheduled classes
  • Personalized lesson plan
  • 4 Optional one hour add on classes based on availability
  • Singapore Math
  • Chess
  • Common Core English
  • Coding
  • Age 4-14
Group Class(Special)
$279for 10 classes
  • 10 Class package
  • Special group - No to exceed more than 6 kids per teacher
  • Teacher assigned based on availability
  • SAT Prep
  • PSAT Prep
  • Spelling Bee Prep
  • TAG Prep
  • Math Olympiad/Math Bee
  • Geography Bee
  • Public Speaking

How to join us?

How to join?

1. Decide on the course(s) to join – English, Singapore Math, Chess, Coding, Math Olympiad, UIL, PSIA, Private Tutoring, Spelling Bee Prep, Geo Bee Prep Math Olympiad or Public Speaking, PSAT ,SAT.ACT and Mensa Prep (most courses are offered K-8)
2. Contact admin@parinama.academy or 512-586-7824 for the time slot and availability for the course you are interested in. We have a strict limit of 6 kids per class per teacher for all non-private classes
3. Book your course at https://squareup.com/store/kenai-parinama-academy
4. Once enrolled you will get a welcome email from us to get your orientation scheduled.
5. You will receive email 24 hours before the class and text 2 hours before the class

Learn for Life!!

Build Your Talent Stack

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Step 2 - Sign up
Step 3 - Register student

Austin's fastest growing startup

PARINAMA – in Sanskrit and in Tamil means Transformation.
We strive to transform your kid to acquire the skills required to succeed in the digital age.

With Parinama Academy your kid from kindergarten to grade 8 can Learn, Create, and Compete.

We teach English, Math, Chess, Coding and conduct Summer, Winter and Spring Camps.

We work on special packaged courses such as Public speaking, Debate, TAG prep, PSAT, Duke TIP prep, SAT, ACT, Math Olympiad, spelling bee, Geo bee, math bee, UIL, and PSIA competition prep

Learn for Life – Courses offered
SAT Prep
Public Speaking
Singapore Math
Chess for Beginners and advanced
Coding for Beginners and for Adults
Common Core English
STAAR Test Prep
Spelling Bee Prep
Geography Bee Prep
Math Bee Prep
Math Olympiad
PSAT for Duke Tip and Non-Duke Tip
SAT for High school kids and Duke Tip
We can do most courses as Private at special pricing of $350/10 classes

Optional Class Booking (For Monthly Students)


3109 Kenai Drive cedar park tx (unit 103)