A Good review is always a wonderful surprise

Summer Camp

Learn Create and Compete !! High Quality
- Steffi

Math Genius Program

High Quality at affordable Cost !!
- Steffi

Craft class on Sunday @1 pm

It was very fun class. My kids and me even after the class did lot of butterflies and decorated around the house . Looking forward for every Sunday now
- Poornima

Math Genius Program

Math Genius Program-Arjun's World
- Arjun


I got a lot of help from this program,Thank you!! 🙂
- Rashi


It has been a great pleasure and an honor to have you as my daughter's Math teacher. My daughter was fortunate enough to learn under you.
- Kay Sanjana


The prealgebra is going good and i am getting hang of prealgebra .
- Vivek

Monthly English Tuition

Sudha has been a great teacher for my son. He has learnt a lot in this short time. Would definitely come back later for more courses. Thank you for the great work!
- Priti Pramodini

Grade 5 English

I really like Ms.Varsha class because I have a one-on-one session. I have time to ask questions and learn at my own pace. Thank you!
- Yash Tiwari

Math Genius

My daughter loves this class.She likes her math teacher Varsha. Varsha explains concepts very clealy.She also helps in solving doubts.Thank you Versha.
- Neelu

Math B and Spelling B

Math B: great program in learning advanced concepts as well as a good refresher on perfecting the math skills for the kids. Spelling B: Great for improving your vocabulary. Happy to have enrolled my kids. Teachers are very friendly, and very professional!
- Shiva Ram Chandrasekaran

Best classes!!

I was so impressed for the quality of the classes and how great The teachers are. PARINAMA is looking for the best education for our kids, helping us to find the joy of learning .helping kids that they struggle in learning and helping the kids Excell in Academics.
- Ana Daniela Hernandez

Math Classes

We're appreciate that Ms. Steffi has been very responsive to feedback and is patient with students.
- Michelle

Math and English 1on1 classes

The 1on1 classes for my son Yash with Varsha teacher has been going great and Yash is on the learning path. We are happy with the progress.
- Rekha Tiwari

A bright light

Today my son took his first in person class. He loved it!! O just can not believe it that someone else was able to make him write. I had been struggegeling with this for 3 years. Until I realize that I need to reach out for help. Seeing my son happy and doing what He supposed to do it is Great!! For Me it is a BRIGHT LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. So Happy!!
- Daniela Hernandez

A Delightful Experience

I was pleasantly surprised by Parinama. I went there to learn the basics of addition and subtraction and my teacher, Aryav Sanjeev, was perfect in that role. Extremely kind and understanding. Would recommend to anyone!
- Kavin Poovannan

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