Smart Devices

Hello Everyone.

Let’s talk about smart devices in simple terms.

Many electronic gadgets can transform your home and room into fun and functional. These electronic devices are called smart devices. But what do smart devices mean for us,

A smart device is a wired or wireless electronic device capable of performing automatic computing, functions, and connecting to other devices for information exchange. A smart device can have direct or indirect interaction with humans.

Here are some smart devices that are used in our home automated systems.

Smart Lighting:

  • Smart lights: These fun lights can change the mood of your room with just your voice or smartphone. They can switch colors, dim on command, and even sync to music. 
  • Smart light strips: Smart light strips are the same concept as smart lights. The only main difference is that it’s in strip form. The strip lights’ commands are also the same.

Sound Systems:

  • Wireless speakers: Wireless speakers can blast your favorite tunes or podcasts with a portable speaker. Many connect to your phone or computer with Bluetooth.

Autonomous vehicles:

  • Tesla automatic cars are a very good example of autonomous ones. They are smart enough to drive without human interventions 


  • Apple and Samsung watches are the best examples of smartwatches. These watches can detect location, monitor heartbeats, and measure your activity daily without any human input.  They are also used to make phone calls.

There are other smart devices including smart TVs and smart fridges etc.

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