Properties of Magnets

Magnets are materials or objects that can attract or repel certain metals and other magnets.

  • Magnetic Poles: Every magnet has two ends called poles: a north pole and a south pole. Opposite poles attract each other (north to south), while like poles repel each other (north to north or south to south)
  • Magnetic Field: The area around a magnet where its invisible magnetic force is felt is called the magnetic field. 


Magnetic Field Experiment

The magnetic field allows magnets to push or pull without touching each other directly. Here’s a fun experiment to view the invisible magnetic field.

Materials: Magnet, iron filings, sheet of paper


  • Place a piece of paper over a magnet and sprinkle iron filings on the paper. 
  • Tap the paper gently and observe how the filings align along the magnetic field lines. 
  • The filings show how the force spreads out from the magnet.

Paperclip Chain Experiment

The paperclip chain experiment is a fun and simple way to show how magnetic force can be transferred through objects.

Temporary Magnets act like magnets only when they are within a strong magnetic field or are magnetized by a permanent magnet. 

Paperclips can become temporary magnets when stuck to a permanent magnet.

Materials: Strong magnet, paper clips


Attach a paperclip to a magnet, then add more paper clips to create a chain. This demonstrates how magnetic force can be transferred through a chain of objects.


Fun Facts

Here are some interesting facts about magnets:

  • Magnets are used in space exploration! They help protect spacecraft from cosmic radiation.
  • Maglev trains use powerful magnets to float above the tracks, reducing friction and allowing them to travel at incredibly high speeds.
  • Some animals, like birds and sea turtles, can sense the Earth’s magnetic field. They use it to navigate during their long migrations.



Let’s quickly recap what we learned about magnets:

  • What are the two ends of a magnet called? North Pole & South Pole
  • What is the area around a magnet where its invisible force is felt? Magnetic Field
  • Magnetic force can be transferred through objects. True or False? True
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