Hello Technology Kids

My name is Aishwarya.S, 

In this blog, I am going to explain what CPU is and what GPU is.

What is CPU

The CPU, the Central Processing Unit, is the brain of a computer, containing all the knowledge needed to process input from the keyboard, store data in the disk, and give output results to display, etc. So without a CPU, modern computers can not function. It is similar to our human brain.

What is GPU

The GPU, Graphics Processing Unit, is the graphics processing device of a computer. The GPUs are designed to process our pictures, and images and speed up the computer games. If you play roblox games, all animations are processed by GPU and not CPU. GPUs are used in various devices like our computers, apple phones, tablets, and smart TVs.

GPUs were originally developed to speed up graphics processing. Over time, they became more flexible to use programmable device similar to CPU. Nowadays, GPUs are used as parallel processing devices for complex computer logic.

GPU and CPU: Working Together

CPU and GPU are like cousins in our family. They can work together as a team.

Video games have become more popular among kids, students, and parents. Video games are heavy applications. So, application programmers will not run heavy applications on CPUs instead they give the heavy tasks to cousin – GPUs.  The result will be communicated to the CPU so that they can work together as a team like students work together at school in project work.

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