Computer Hardware

Hello Technology Kids,


My name is Aishwarya.S.

Today, I am going to explain what “Hardware” means in a computer.

Imagine you are building a new beautiful house with bricks or blocks. The hardware is like the real material block in a computer.

The hardware blocks are called “components” in the computer world.

We already know that the brain of a computer is the CPU.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit), is a computer’s main build block.

Then, there is the RAM (Random Access Memory), which is like your short-term memory. It helps you do tasks quickly by storing information temporarily.  RAM is also a Hardware block in a computer.


Next up, you’ve got the storage devices. These are like your treasure chests where you keep all your stuff ( The document I am writing here), pictures, school project ideas, science project documents, e-books, etc. 

The HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is like a big closet (cloth place) where you can store many things, but it might take a bit longer to find them. 

Then there’s the SSD (Solid State Drive), which is like a smaller closet, but you can find things much faster in it.

Then, there are the peripherals. In computer, Peri-means around it. These are like the tools you use to interact with your house. The computer monitor is like your window to see what’s happening inside. The keyboard and mouse are like your hands and fingers, helping you control and navigate your house.

Lastly, you have the power supply. This is the electrical energy source that keeps everything running smoothly, just like food keeps you energetic. Without, Power supply, the computer cannot work.

Hardware is all the physical parts that make up your computer or device, helping it run and do cool stuff!

I hope you all like my blogs.

You all next time with a new blog!!



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