Software Coding

Hello Kids, 

We learned about software types in the computer: System software and Application software.  

Some instructions or blocks code this software, for example, kids block coding.

Coding creates a set of instructions for computers to understand it and perform it. These instructions determine what actions a computer can and cannot take. Coding allows students like us to build programs, such as websites and apps.  

Best Coding applications for kids

  • Kodable

It is designed to guide kids through coding from kindergarten to fifth grade. It is popular among teachers and kids age 5-10. 

  • Scratch

It  is a great option for kids, ages 8 and up, interested in learning how to code because it is specifically designed for kids and beginners

  • Tynker

It is an iPad app that lets kids advance to higher programming languages like Javascript, Swift, and Python.


 Software Programming

Hello Kids, 

Programming is a set of instructions for computers to understand. The instructions are coded in a text file or some special editor. These instructions are compiled with compilers to convert the text code to computer-understandable code.  Once the computer-understandable code is executed in the CPU, the CPU performs the tasks.

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