What is Science?

Science is the process of learning about the natural world around us by observing and conducting experiments. 

Who studies it?

People who study science are called “Scientists”. They use scientific practices and methods to gather information and then use that information to explain how things work. They use different kinds of tools to observe, measure, and compare information.

Example: Thermometer to measure the temperature, test tubes to hold and mix different liquids, or a magnifying glass to make smaller objects look big.

Types of Science

There are three main types of sciences that we can study about:

  • Physical Science – Study of non-living natural objects

Example: Simple Machines like a See-Saw, Crystals

  • Life Science – Study of living organisms 

Example: Plants, Human body, Viruses

  • Earth Science – Study of the Earth and its atmosphere

Example: Rocks, Oceans, Space

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