Foods to try in Vatican City

Hi !! So in my last blog, I posted about the different places to visit in Vatican City, and in this post, I will be talking about the different and unique kinds of food to try in this gorgeous Italian city.

Food in Vatican City consists of a variety of pasta, polenta, and risotto dishes. Visitors can start their meal with an antipasto followed by a small primo and a secondo. These courses are often followed by cheese or a sweet dessert like, Tiramisu.

Sarde in Saor – Sarde in saor recipe is a classic Venetian dish, where sardines are deep-fried and then marinated with onions in a sweetened vinegar solution. Sarde in Saor is an appetizer based on fried sardines, seasoned onions, and raisins. They are often served as snacks in Venetian restaurants. “Saor” means “flavor” in the Venetian and this dish is truly a flavor bomb.


Lasagna al Nero di Seppia- Lasagnetta al Nero di Seppia also known as squid ink pasta is a really famous food from the Vatican. Squid ink has a unique flavor, silky mouthfeel and the jet black color matches perfectly with pasta. The recipe for spaghetti al Nero di seppia is really simple. You start just as if you were making a basic olio e peperoncino and then add finely chopped up squid and let it braise. Then you had the squid ink to simmer for a minute and let it work its magic. This intensely savory sauce goes really well with spaghetti or any other pasta such as tagliatelle or even linguine. And if you’re in Venice, having a plate of bigoli would be a classic and amazing choice.

Frito Misto- Frito Misto is a fun first course to serve guests in Venice. By the time one batch has been happily eaten, the next one will be coming out of the fryer. Frito Misto means frying anything in the fryer. But the most classic one to fry would be the calamari. If you go to Venice then you have to try this as a first course.


Baccalà mantecato- Baccalà mantecato is a Venetian appetizer of whipped salt cod. Baccala mantecato is a creamy, garlicky appetizer spread that is filled with flavor which people usually enjoy on everything like a loaf of good crusty bread, crackers, crostini, carrot sticks, celery sticks, and even spaghetti. If you are ever in Venice then you have to try this dish out.

Zaeti – Zaeti is an Italian biscuit that is one of the most popular Venetian desserts. The recipe for zaeti varies from family to family but one thing in common is that they are made from cornmeal and have raisins in them, and they are also shaped like diamonds. These crumbly cookies are incredibly easy to make and bake in just 30 minutes — so you don’t have to wait long! Zaleti means yellow in the Venetian dialect and refers to the color of the cornmeal in these beautiful diamond-shaped cookies. They’re made with little to no sugar and they completely rely on the sweetness of dried currants.

Risi e Bisi- Risi e Bisi simply means rice and peas, and the dish is traditionally made in Venice. If you ever go to Venice then you have to try this dish. These dishes use fresh peas but if they are not available even canned can be used. Diced prosciutto is important to this dish, although it is not that vital; This dish can also be made vegetarian. This dish is a really famous one in Venice, even though it is a really simple dish the taste is magnificent.

So overall there are various and unique dishes in Venice and all of them taste unique, and magnificent.

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