Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region. Florence is home to amazing architecture and many beautiful Renaissance arts. One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Duomo, a cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome. The other one is the bell tower which was designed by Giotto ( a famous painter and architect from Florence). It was a center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities in Rome during that era. Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Some History…..

  • During the Medieval period, Florence rose to a position of enormous influence in Italy, Europe, and beyond.

  • It was once ruled by the powerful Medici family. (The Medici family was one of the most powerful political rulers from 1434 to 1737)

  • The Florentine dialect forms the base for standard Italian.

  • The Ponte Vecchio bridge is a famous landmark of Florence…Hitler prevented the destruction of the Ponte Vecchio in World War II.

  • Florence was once the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

  • The Stendhal Syndrome first happened in Florence. ( It is also known as the Florence Syndrome which is the racing of heartbeat and fainting when exposed to art masterpieces.)

So these are the places you have to visit when you’re in Florence.

Visit the Galleria dell’Accademia (a famous art museum)– So Florence is home to many famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. So naturally, there should be a huge museum portraying their talents and the Galleria dell’Accademia is the one. One of the most famous masterpieces is the statue of David by Michelangelo. The statue of David was made with leftover marble pieces. The statue had its left hand broken. It was broken during the Medici riot but now it has been repaired. Michelangelo’s David is massive at 17 feet tall and more than 12,000 pounds, yet it is sculpted from a single block of white marble. The statue has a greater right hand because it is a reference to a nickname for the biblical David, which means “strong of hand.”

Stroll through the Mercato di San Lorenzo– It is a 7-minute walk from the Galleria dell’Accademia and it is the place where you can find goods and souvenirs. Here you can find people buying many photographs and cheap leather. It is a good place to browse for some beautiful hidden treasures.

Eat through Mercado Centrale – Next door to Mercato di San Lorenzo is the Mercado Centrale. This place is all about food: whether you want to try some grapes, olives, or even some truffle oil this is the place. Well if you’re in Italy, then got to try some cheese and Mercado Centrale is the place to buy some amazing aged cheese. If you’re a foodie then you have to visit this place.

Visit Piazza Della Repubblica- The Piazza Della Repubblica is the most beautiful city square with some amazing carousels and a gorgeous fountain. It was originally the site of the city’s forum. The square today is a stage for street artists and shows, particularly after sunset. So be sure to visit the Piazza after sunset.

cross the Ponte Vecchio Bridge- the Ponte Vecchio bridge is a medieval stone closed- arch bridge over the Arno River. It is noted for the shops built along with it. Earlier building shops on such bridges was once a common practice. “Ponte Vecchio”means”Old Bridge”. connects the City Center to the district of Oltrarno.Hitler prevented the destruction of the Ponte Vecchio in World War II

Rub the pig’s nose at the Fontana del Porcellino– The bronze pig has a lot of traditions surrounding it. If you rub the pig’s nose then it is guaranteed that you will visit Florence again. And if you place a coin in the pig’s mouth and make a wish as it drops into the gate and if the coin falls through the gate it is believed that your wish will come true.

Wander in the Piazza del Duomo– Piazza del Duomo is located in the heart of the historic center of Florence. It is one of the most visited places in Europe and the world. The west zone of this square is called Piazza San Giovanni. Piazza de Duomo translated to English means “Cathedral Square”. Piazza del Duomo contains many famous building like Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral,Giotto’s Bell Tower,Baptistery of St. John,Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, and Loggia del Bigallo.

So these are some places that you should definitely visit during your amazing memorable visit to Florence, Italy.
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