And you thought we do one hour classes with your students?
Yes and much much more ..

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Did you know we offer 73 courses for ages 4-14?
Gradewise English
Spelling bee
Geo bee
Math bee
Science bee
Public speaking
Creative writing
Art / craft/painting
And more ..

This new year 2022 try our courses for free and join for just $134/month inperson or virtual group

Private classes are $149/month inperson or virtual

Our Program Plan includes

Our proprietary Belt system for progress tracking

Dedicated student success manager

Parent experience manager

Monthly Lesson Plan

Monthly Assessments



On demand Parent-Teacher

Homework help and personalized curriculum for private student (one on one)

We can do inperson or virtual or can both – Hybrid

We work with you on identifying if your child needs group classes or private

We do once a week or a twice a week classes based on your input

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Offer ends Jan 1 2022
Promo Excludes private classes , TAG , AP courses , SAT/PSAT courses and career oriented courses

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