Does your child need tutoring in the subjects of algebra, geometry, or calculus? 

These are all subjects which a student must fully understand in order to do well in their math courses in both middle and high school. As a high school senior, I can speak from experience and say that understanding every topic taught in a math course is by far the most difficult part of it all. The ride from algebra to calculus is quite tough, but with the right tutor, it will be much easier. Parinama Academy offers a multitude of math classes, but the Math Genius program is one to carefully consider when searching for math tutoring classes for your child.

The Math Genius program is one of the best programs for middle and high school math at Parinama Academy and can prepare students for success in their education. Due to the nature of this program, students will first have to take an assessment to see if they qualify for placement. If the student scores well enough for qualification, then they will be placed in the Math Genius program. This program will guide the student from Pre-Algebra all the way to Calculus. This means that students as young as in 3rd grade can be placed in this program, and continue it all the way to high school. 

After each subject is taught to the student, they will take an assessment to test their knowledge and see if they qualify to move on to the next math subject. For example, if a student who feels strong in Pre-Algebra takes the assessment and scores well on it, then they will be moved to Algebra 1. The timeline of this course is Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, and finally Calculus.

This course will definitely prepare its students and give them their best potential for math in middle school and high school. If you are a gifted math student or are interested in tutoring for math subjects, this is a program that would come highly recommended. 


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