We are very happy with LISD schools and they way they started schools virtually today

RRISD and charter schools are starting morning ..

Be prepared with

  1. Reliable device
  2. Reliable internet
  3. A separate room or space for kids
  4. Be ready to play tech support role in addition to parent role
  5. Note down the schedules
  6. Ensure you know every zoom link and google classroom links
  7. Ensure you have login to all websites school is asking you to login
  8. Note down your kid’s login and password
  9. Keep teacher’s email and phone handy to text or email when your kid is unable to attend either due to technical issue or other issue
  10. Feed kids lots of nutritions food , lots of water , find a way to provide recesses or breaks and above all ‘ Have lots of fun’ – this too shall pass !

This virtual school year will reply heavily on zoom and google classroom

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