If you are part of our monthly program here are the main features you should expect from us

Agile for education
Lesson plan

Each month all 4 of these activities will happen. It is a shared responsibility model – we willl work hard , we want you to work hard and kids to work harder to achieve the outcomes we want every month.

Our student success manager Meena can be reached anytime at meena@parinama.academy

She will work with you to ensure you derive maximum value from us.

One option to consider is twice a week program in case you want your kid to learn more in a week . We won’t be able to change our lesson plan for any student ( custom) and no makeups

Private programs are now offered at $99/4 classes which is the similar price to this package for 5 classes .we do offer makeup and custom lesson plan – where you can work with us to modify topics based on our assessment and your input.

Outcome expected – each month your kid must be smarter than previous month based on knowledge gathered , practiced and perfected .

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