Parinama Academy is an amazing Summer Camp which has taught me so much and got me to know so many new people and skills.

Ice Cream Week

My favorite week theme of the summer camp is Ice Cream week. I like Ice Cream week because it has Spanish, Blogging, Spelling, Public Speaking, Crafts, and Math. Spanish takes only a few days to learn simple sentences, and I like trying a new language. I love blogging because it’s a way for me to express myself. I like spelling because we play a fun game with teamwork and learn from mistakes. Public Speaking is fun because, again, we can express ourselves. Crafts is enjoyable and creative. Math stretches our minds.


I enjoy the Summer Camp because I get to know new friends and teachers. I also love that there’s always a variety of skills we learn. Because of this, I’m almost never bored for 10 AM- 1 PM on weekdays during class. The teachers always think of fun or interesting ways to teach us so many different things.


There are many different skills I’ve learned over the past few weeks. These include Math, Geography, Spelling, Blogging, Writing, Public Speaking, Arts and Crafts, Spanish and we’ve learned about our Nerves and brain. In math, we always do some challenging problems. In Geography, we learn new things and work hard to memorize capitals, rivers, and landmarks. In spelling, we play teamwork games to spell hard words. In blogging, writing, and public speaking, we feel proud of our work and express ourselves to the class. In arts and crafts, we learn new crafts and be creative. In science, we learn so many cool and interesting facts about our nerves and brain.


The skills we learn in the Summer Camp are things that will help us in our future. For example, learning about the brain and nerves may help me if I become a doctor and allow me to get into a good medical college. Public Speaking will help me if I want or need to make a point and hep me be successful. Blogging and writing will help me in business and the reason listed above. Math will help me when working with bills and science. Geography will be great general knowledge and crafting when I’m bored. Spanish will help me talk to more people.


To sum up, Parinama Academy has helped me so much and I think it’s one of the best summer camps ever. Let’s give a round of applause to Parinama Academy.

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