Summer Camp at Parinama Academy


This year in Parinama Academy they are having a online Summer Camp, which has 4 different themes; Lemonade Week, Snow Cone week, Ice Cream Week, and Milk Shake Week.

Ice Cream Week and skills

My favorite week is Ice Cream week because I get to learn Spanish, how to create a blog, Spelling bee, public speaking, Art and Math bee. I really like Spanish because I get learn a new language and it will help me in the future. Blogs & Spelling will help my writing. Art will help me become more creative.


I enjoyed the summer camp because I met new people and nice teacher. I got to learn new and interesting skills.


The skills that I learned in summer camp will help me in the future. If I go to a Spanish speaking country, it will be easier to communicate with people that speak Spanish. A blog can help express ourselves.Public speaking can help us communicate with people. Art can be a activity to do, if we are bored. Math can help with calculating bills and other things.


Parinama Academy online classes is a great way to learn new skills and meet new people.




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