Just last night, many news channels started stating that the Corona Virus stages in Austin rose from 3 or less to 4. This is serious. Many more people in Austin have been hospitalized, and even worse, have died.

The Stages of the Corona Virus

There are 5 stages. Up till now, the Corona Virus in Austin was at 3 or less. Here is a link showing the 5 COVID-19 Stages.

Pretty serious, huh? Wonder why this is happening.

Why Are the Levels Rising?

Why are the levels rising? I’m not sure. But think about it. Do you still go out on family drives? Maybe. But that’s okay. But when you’re on a drive, you may notice that many shops, restaurants, and other public places are open. This may greatly increase the chance of people getting the virus and being hospitalized. More and more people have started going out and hanging out with friends.

How to Help

Now that we’ve talked about how terrible this is, let’s think of ways to help. Everyday I play outside and talk to my friends. Instead, maybe we can video chat and play online instead. This will be less fun, but we can still play so many things together online, like singing, dancing, skits, and online board games.


To conclude, we need to be more careful to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. We can all work together to take this virus down! (While maintaining some distance, of course.

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