We currently have 3 batches of Prealgebra and Algebra running concurrently weekdays and weekends.
Please note – we also offer private sessions at a discounted rate (thank COVID).
If you want to enroll in our private program contact me.

The next group batch starts next week Batch 4. SAT math prep course, public speaking, TAG, and spelling bee prep all 4 will start next week along with our summer camp. To register for free Talented and Gifted kids prep demo register at https://calendly.com/parinama/tag-preparation-demo. To try any of our classes use https://calendly.com/parinama/f . TAG assessments are $25 and not Free. – the assessment amount will be credited to fees if you choose our course.
All summer camp ,monthly and special courses can be booked from our store https://squareup.com/store/kenai-parinama-academy

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