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Spelling Bee Competition ( Grade K to 3 )

Spelling Bee Competition ( Grade 4 to 6)

Time :

2 PM to 3 PM – Grade K to 3

3 PM to 4 PM – Grade 4 to 6

Spell Bee Word List 

punting constellation vespertine zeppelin auction mammalian Littoral Hilum queue interfere
Crowd Sundering Brusque/brusk megalomaniac cymbals acrylics Sommelier frazil restaurant clodhopper
Flustered Pruners estuary credulity alloy bowyers Ballabile tiffin marvellous recluse
Loppers archives hackneyed dissonance yuzu tranquil Bucolic secant sufficient migraine
Jangled decrepitude swannery connivery scarab calories Manteaux buffa loathe vulpine
Workhorse quaver deglaciation herringbone vincible tincture Woad shoulder jabberwocky humane
antennas taciturn discombobulate boondoggle Quid pro quo paragon sommelier hinderance monstrosity thistle
Scumble appellation rhododendron accentuate pessimum zealous frigate cemetary eggplant receptacle
Trapezoid sarcophagus gluttonous quadrilateral resonate Hippocratic gorgon harass fedora pellet
trencher shenanigans vignette Inflammable schnitzel macaroon Chantilly pronunciation tulip vividly

Registration Fee Per Student : $5

Rules will be announced on Wednesday based on Registrations.

There will be a Certificate for the Winner and the Participants!!

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