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The field of Data Science is continually growing, allowing businesses to become more data-driven with better insights and knowledge. Whether you’re a professional working in the field of data science or a student who want to advance their knowledge in this field, you need to keep up with new trends.

So, what is Data science and why should you study it?

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Am gonna give the simplest definition of this. Data science is the study of data. It involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information. The goal of data science is to gain insights and knowledge from any type of data — both structured and unstructured.

So, we study data science to gain more knowledge of data.

What’s the hottest trends in 2020?

Right now, In light of the current Corona virus pandemic, businesses have been digital transforming. It didn’t start now but trends shows that the situation escalated the transformation. Businesses are using technologies in all processes including hiring, pricing, decisions, and strategies.

With Data science, organizations are able to analyze large amounts of data .Integrating data trend has grown significantly for the last 5 years. According to research, data is giving companies a high competitive edge.

Automated Data Science

Automations are basically the change from one means to another and in this we are talking about the changing from traditional processes to Automated ones. With these changes, a lot of manual work is required. Storing, cleaning, visualizing, exploring and modelling data is required. The manual work is just “begging” for automation. So, that’s where Data scientist come in and solve the issues.

Are you getting it now? Why we need Data Scientists?

Privacy and Security

With all the automation and technology comes data privacy and security. Like, all customers want to feel safe. You never want your data to be disclosed or shared without your information. Companies must guarantee security and to attain that then they’ll need the best systems.

Super-sized Data systems in the cloud

Over the years, data has over grown in size. Organizations are collecting and storing huge data. In the past data used to be stored on servers that were built in somewhere now, everything is being stored in the cloud. We call it cloud computing. Cloud computing allows for limitless processing and storage.

Is Data science right for you?

Jobs available in the Data science field.

How much can I earn when I study Data science?

What other benefits can I gain after studying Data science?

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