We are excited to offer 3 free classes to get your kid in Grades 4-6 to get acquainted with the following concepts

Arithmetic properties0/1900 Mastery pointsPlace value: Arithmetic propertiesRounding whole numbers: Arithmetic propertiesRegrouping whole numbers: Arithmetic propertiesOrder of operations: Arithmetic propertiesArithmetic properties: Arithmetic propertiesDistributive property: Arithmetic propertiesRational and irrational numbers: Arithmetic properties

Factors and multiples0/1200 Mastery pointsDivisibility tests: Factors and multiplesFactors and multiples: Factors and multiplesPrime numbers: Factors and multiplesPrime factorization: Factors and multiplesLeast common multiple: Factors and multiplesGreatest common factor: Factors and multiples

Reading and interpreting data0/900 Mastery pointsRepresenting data: Reading and interpreting dataStem and leaf plots: Reading and interpreting dataPicture graphs, bar graphs, and histograms: Reading and interpreting dataFrequency tables and dot plots: Reading and interpreting dataNumber patterns: Reading and interpreting data

Measurement0/1200 Mastery pointsArea of rectangles: MeasurementPerimeter: MeasurementVolume of a rectangular prism: Measurement

Fractions0/5000 Mastery pointsFractions intro: FractionsFractions on the number line: FractionsEquivalent fractions: FractionsComparing fractions: FractionsCommon denominators: FractionsDecomposing fractions: FractionsAdding and subtracting fractions with like denominators: FractionsMixed numbers: FractionsAdding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators: FractionsAdding and subtracting mixed number with unlike denominators: FractionsAdding and subtracting fractions word problems: FractionsMultiplying whole numbers and fractions: FractionsMultiplication as scaling: FractionsMultiplying fractions: FractionsMultiplying mixed numbers: FractionsMultiplying fractions word problems: FractionsFractions as division: FractionsDividing unit fractions and whole numbers: FractionsDividing fractions by fractions: FractionsDividing fractions word problems: Fractions

Decimals0/3800 Mastery pointsIntro to decimals: DecimalsDecimals on the number line: DecimalsRounding decimals: DecimalsComparing decimals: DecimalsRewriting decimals as fractions: DecimalsAdding decimals: DecimalsSubtracting decimal: DecimalsAdding and subtracting decimals word problems: DecimalsMultiplying decimals: DecimalsDividing decimals: Decimals

Negative numbers and coordinate plane0/2400 Mastery pointsIntro to negative numbers: Negative numbers and coordinate planeOrder negative numbers: Negative numbers and coordinate planeNumber opposites: Negative numbers and coordinate planeAbsolute value: Negative numbers and coordinate planeIntro to adding negative numbers: Negative numbers and coordinate planeIntro to subtracting negative numbers: Negative numbers and coordinate planeAdding & subtracting negative numbers: Negative numbers and coordinate planeMultiplying & dividing negative numbers: Negative numbers and coordinate planeCoordinate plane: Negative numbers and coordinate plane

Ratios, rates, proportions0/4500 Mastery pointsIntro to ratios: Ratios, rates, proportionsVisualize ratios: Ratios, rates, proportionsRatio application: Ratios, rates, proportionsIntro to rates: Ratios, rates, proportionsIntro to percents: Ratios, rates, proportionsPercent, fraction, decimal conversions: Ratios, rates, proportionsPercent problems: Ratios, rates, proportionsPercent word problems: Ratios, rates, proportionsConstant of proportionality: Ratios, rates, proportionsIdentifying proportional relationships: Ratios, rates, proportionsWriting & solving proportions: Ratios, rates, proportions

Equations, expressions, and inequalities0/3400 Mastery pointsIntro to variables: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesSubstitution & evaluating expressions: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesExpression value intuition: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesConstructing numeric expressions: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesEvaluating expressions word problems: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesWriting algebraic expressions introduction: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesWriting basic algebraic expressions word problems: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesAlgebraic equations basics: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesOne-step equations intuition: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesOne-step addition & subtraction equations: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesOne-step multiplication and division equations: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesOne-step equation word problems: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesInequalities: Greater than and less than basics: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesTwo-step equations intro: Equations, expressions, and inequalitiesDependent and independent variables: Equations, expressions, and inequalities

Exponents, radicals, and scientific notation0/1900 Mastery pointsExponents: Exponents, radicals, and scientific notationSquare roots: Exponents, radicals, and scientific notationCube roots: Exponents, radicals, and scientific notationExponent properties: Exponents, radicals, and scientific notationNegative exponents: Exponents, radicals, and scientific notationScientific notation: Exponents, radicals, and scientific notationOrders of magnitude: Exponents, radicals, and scientific notationComputing with scientific notation

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