Private One and One or Small group 4 kids/class

We offer once a week, twice a week, three times a week, four times a week, and five times a week

Which ones will you prefer/need for your child?
For multi-day package 4/5 days – We are also considering offering different courses for each day or same course all 4/5 days(Example -Math for 4/5 days)

Why are parents moving from Kumon, Mathnasium, Best in class, Best Brain, Code Ninja, and Eyelevel to Parinama Academy? We have added than 40 students from those institutions into ours in the last 6 months. Why?

The answer is simple – Parinama Kids excel academically while we also focus on holistic development. Parinama Academy kids win state and national competitions in chess, math, and science with their knowledge.

We provide choices that parents love while we focus on working with each kid individually whom we love to teach!

Courses – We choose a variety of courses including Math, English, Coding, Chess, Math Genius, Spelling Bee, Geo bee, math bee , math Olympiad, public speaking, creative writing, UIL Prep, Duke TIP prep, STAAR test Prep, SAT/ACT prep

Private/Group – Parents have a choice to choose private or small group classes

Our group class sizes are maximum of 6 kids per class (and we try to keep it at 3students to 1 teacher when possible)

Once or twice or more than twice a week – Parents can also choose any frequency they want – once, twice, thrice a week.

Virtual or in-person-Parents can also choose in-person, virtual, or a combination.

All our Monthly classes offer Free STAAR prep and, of course, access to, including the student success manager working on customizing and personalizing the curriculum.

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Multi kid and multi course discounts available – contact us for details.

We deliver outcomes by planning and executing

Outcome-based approach – Our unique teaching methodology
We plan, we teach – kids learn, and we access what the kid learned.

As simple as that!!

Each of you should ask your teacher’s post-class recap email in case you are not receiving them.

We include a lot of content, including
1. What was taught in each class
2. What will be taught in the next class
3. What is our high-level plan for each course – our belts and sprints.
4. Where your kid is in this belt system
5. When is the test/assessment for these concepts?
6. What format did the teacher use for teaching, three 20min or four 15min – proprietary 60min formats
7. What is your kid’s homework?
8. How to set up a Parents teacher conference?
9. How to set up a Student success review conference?

In Short, these questions, which will be answered from trial to post-class, must answer the question “What is the outcome you are getting from Parinama Academy?

The formats are here for your review, including the syllabus

We have no contracts or commitments.

Do let us know if we can help with test prep or course work or homework help.

Did you know – we offer free homework help for any student. Contact us to learn how you can benefit.

Live Online

During these COVID times, we want to ensure we provide the best Online live experience combined with a hybrid learning approach using online resources and offline resources such as workbooks and worksheets

How does our online live class work?

In Person

Vacinationed teachers ,Masks mandates, hand and site Sanitazation are the CDC protocosl we are following to protects the kids, teahers and the parents who attend our inperson classes.

Are you curious about how can we provide a safe learning environment  ?


We provide after-school programs in person through RRISD/LISD and through our center. These programs are available in person and online Live.

ISD programs are one hour  on campus for in-person and our center programs are two hours from 3 pm-5 pm Monday to Thursday where we cover Math, English along with homework help

Free Trial

Ready to try our private  one on one classes or small group classes ? We provide a free no cost inperson or virtual  trial to you to try any of our coureses exceptTAG/SCAT assesments. You can choose to join without a trial and get $25 credit for the next month bill.

All our courses comes with 100% money back gurantee.

Accreditation and Partnership

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