Pizza on pineapple

Pineapple on pizza Pineapple on pizza is my favorite domain pizza. It taste so good. I just love is my favorite pizza.

Summer Camp @ Parinama Academy

Introduction Parinama Academy is an amazing Summer Camp which has taught me so much and got me to know so many new people and skills. Ice Cream Week My favorite week theme of the summer camp is Ice Cream week. I like Ice Cream week because it has Spanish, Blogging,...

Parinama Academy

Hi my name is Arush and  my favorite subjects are brain bee because there are riddles and I like riddles.Art because I like drawing stuff and making stuff.Spelling bee I like the puzzles that you have a word like cwo and you have to unscramble it into cow


             ELEPHANTS Introduction Elephants are mammals,  and the largest existing land animal. There are three different species of elephants that are recognized: The African forest Elephant , The African Bush Elephant, and The Asian Elephant. What Do Elephant Eat...

Tom and Jerry

My favorite TV show is about cat named Tom and mouse named Jerry. Tom and Jerry are funny. They are interesting to watch. The cat chases the mouse and the mouse runs into a hole. Mouse eats cheese and cat likes eating the mouse. The mouse runs around the house. Spike,...

My favorite vacation

Main Content  : Cancun is my favorite vacation. me and my family went to Cancun  in December. we got to go swimming and we had fun. SideBar: India and Santa Fe, Mexico Footer: SPRUHA KULKARNI
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