Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this camp 3 hours?

Our camp is fun, interactive, and intense. We find kids can focus only for 3 hours and beyond the 3 hours they like to relax – ready to go home.


Is the camp in person or Online Live?

Inperson and Onlne – Live.


We have In-person camps this year. We will continue to offer virtual camps including this one for the foreseeable future – for many years to come

Will Kinder and 5th graders be in same camp?

We will have 2 separate groups. Younger kids will be in K-2 and older kids in 3-5


Will kids be separated based on skill instead of age/grade?

Grade and Age are just numbers with an indication of what we can expect in terms of skill. We will move kids who have the higher-level skill to the appropriate camp.

Will you be repeating the same course over every week?

Total program will be there for 10.5 weeks

Every week has a different theme – Lemonade, Snow Cone, Ice Cream and Milkshake

When a theme is repeated we won’t repeat the content so kids can continue their learning process.

How much does the camp cost?

The cost is $314 per week for in-person and $214 per week online.

You will also receive special credit for future in-person or virtual classes

Will I get a discount if I book multiple weeks?

The current rates are discounted rates and we do offer special discounts for our future classes or camps.

Is it different teacher every week ?

We will have same teachers for the week  depending on their expertise and availability . There will be different teachers for different subjects each day depending on the course

We are interested in only 1 or 2 courses. Not the entire camp. What can we do?

You can book for separate sessions for courses available a la carte at

Can I try before I signup before committing for the entire summer?

You can signup for a week and then decide. If for any reason the camp is not working out do let us know and we will do the needful

What is your refund policy?

We will refund 100% if you contact us 2 days before the program start. If your kid has any issues with the program or if we are unable to teach your kid we will refund 100%

I have lots of questions. Whom should I contact?

Email admin@parinamacademy or text/whatsapp/call 512-586-7824

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