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Build Your Talent Stack

In Parinama Academy your kid from kindergarten to grade 8 can Learn, Create, and Compete. We teach English, Math, Chess, Coding and conduct Summer and Spring
All Ages – For All Seasons

Ages 5-10

Elementary school

Grades K to Grade 5

We offer: English, MATH, Social Science, chess, coding, Spelling Bee
From Numbers and counting to problem solving and Statistics. Our math program is tailored for all

Age 11-13

Middle school

Grade: 6 – 8

We offer Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, MATH, chess, coding
Our coding languages include: Python, Minecraft, bootstrap, Java, among others. It’s never too early to start coding.
Playing Chess on a regular basis right from childhood improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. Chess makes the child learn how to strategize aspects of the game and life. In addition, a child can also learn the importance of foresight, and planning.

What we do Why we do it?

We want to build an educational enterprise which focuses on giving everyone a chance to succeed while ensuring every human feels ‘comfortable’ knowing what is to be known.


We want to build an educational enterprise that focuses on giving everyone a chance to succeed while ensuring every human feels ‘comfortable’ knowing what is to be known. The world expects us to know some facts, do some calculations work with machines and with humans.


We want to be on top.
Our tutoring method ensures we are on ‘on grade’ so they don’t miss out. Our teachers are trained to compete and win. They help maintain and measure grade-level subject matter


We aim to build a Successful student Stack
We make sure that our students pass every grade with flying colors.
Score on Standardized tests
Do community service
Lead in a team sport
Let’s build a future with a talent stack… people who just don’t pass grades but build universities…why go to Harvard or drop out of one when you can build one!!
Age 14-18

HIGH School

Grade: 9-11

We offer: Coding, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physics

Our teachers work to ensure that we deliver the best tailored academic programs that allow each student to be successful.

 High School

Learn for Life – Courses offered

SAT Prep

Public Speaking

Singapore Math

Chess for Beginners and advanced

Coding for Beginners and for Adults

PSAT for Duke Tip and Non-Duke Tip

STAAR Test Prep

Spelling Bee Prep

Geography Bee Prep

Math Bee Prep

Math Olympiad

Common Core English


Learn for Life – Courses offered

Data Science

Machine Learning


Training and Placement

Packaged courses

We have special packaged courses such as Public speaking, Debate, TAG prep, PSAT, Duke TIP prep, SAT, ACT, Math Olympiad, spelling bee, Geo bee, math bee, UIL, and PSIA competition prep.

Let’s build a ‘Talent Stack’ (a variety of skills that work well together) for every kid who joins us.

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Parinama is an approved vendor of Round Rock ISD and Leander ISD

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