Our Story

We have a team of professionals. Tutors, Mentors and all the staff members are qualified to help everyone. We focus on each child individually, access their creativity and bring the best out of them.

At Parinama Academy we deliver the best outcome & the best training experience ever experienced by any student in any century!! 

What are the different types of classes we teach? 

  1. Assessments/Testing
  2. Semester classes 
  3. Special Group classes 
  4. Private 1×1 classes 
  5. Educational Camps 
  6. Workshops

With Parinama Academy your kid from kindergarten to grade 8 can Learn, Create, and Compete. We teach English, Math, Chess, Coding and conduct Summer and Spring Camps. Ages 5-14 1. 

Teacher to student ratio is typically 1:3 restricted to maximum of 1:6. We Don’t have more than 6 students per teacher in any classroom at any time . We also offer private 1 on 1 tutoring for kids who need little extra help and for intense competition prep.

Meet Our Staff

Siva Kumar

Siva Kumar

Company CEO

I am a passionate learner and multivator. I am  inspired to influence the next generation by creating millions of entrepreneurs who will change our world to make it better. These future entrepreneurs are currently small in size and we call them ‘our kids’. I believe in creating a brighter and prosperous future for our kids.

Meena Ramegowda

Meena Ramegowda

Student Success Manager

I strive to enhance the student learning experience by providing services that will enable the student to develop competencies to enrich the individual’s educational experience, contributing to the student reaching their goals and achieving excellence.

Meena is one point contact where you can ask questions and get the help you need to figure out the answers.

She reviews every student and helps them succeed in acquiring new skills. She believes that education, advocacy, and encouragement are important parts of the student- teacher relationship. Her  hobbies include hiking, reading, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Swathi G Suresh

Swathi G Suresh


She currently handles the operation part of the business, which involves scheduling the trainers and setting up good future goals in kids. Before moving to operations she was a volunteer trainer for Chess in Round Rock ISD and Leander ISD schools. She has been considering the positive insight for the Parinama Academy which also involves students and trainers. She graduated with a degree in computer science engineering.

She has strong family members and friends who encourage her to build a solid foundation for the company she works for.

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