Salesforce Admin and Lightning Developer – Placement Oriented Course

Salesforce Lightning Course Content


1 CFramework Overview and Prerequisite
1.1 Create a Developer Account and setting up the Custom Domain
1.2 Lightning component framework Overview
1.3 Creating a Lightning Component and Lightning App
1.4 Attributes in Lightning Components and Lightning Apps
1.5 Reusability of the Lightning Components and Component Composition
2 CSS and JavaScript Basics
2.1 Inline Styles
2.2 Internal Styles
2.3 External Styles
2.4 javaScript DOM
2.5 Data Types and Functions
2.6 Console, Alert and Confirm
2.7 javaScript Events
2.8 All the basics needed to proceed with Lightning Development
3 Aura Framework and Lightning Bundle
3.1 UI Elements, Value Providers, Expressions, aura:find, aura:if and aura:iteration
3.2 Controller, Helper and Style Resiources
3.3 Standard and components
3.4 Complete Understanding on Document Resource
3.5 Complete Understanding on Rendered Resource
3.6 Complete Understanding on Design Resource
3.7 Complete Understanding on SVG Resource
3.8 Two-way data binding
4 Lightning Design System Overview
4.1 Referring STYLE Resource and SLDS
4.2 Using SLDS components (Forms, Buttons, SVG Icons etc…)
4.3 Showing Notifications (Success, Error, Warning etc…)
5 Calling Server Logic to alter or retrieve data from the Database
5.1 Retrieving the data from the database
5.2 Performing DML operations
5.3 Other kind of method calls
6 System Events and handling the events

6.1 aura:waiting and aura:doneWaiting
6.2 aura:valueInit
6.3 aura:valueChange
6.4 aura:locationChange
6.5 aura:doneRendering
6.6 aura:valueRender
6.7 aura:valueDestroy
6.8 aura:systemError
6.9 event.getSource(), and event.currentTarget
7 Custom Events
7.1 Application Events and Component Events
7.2 Registering the events and handling the events
7.3 Event Propagation
8 Dynamic Component Creation
8.1 Creating the Lightning Component Dynamically
8.2 Destroying the Lightning Component Dynamically
9 Lightning App Builder and Design Resource
9.1 Lightning Pages
9.2 Lightning Custom Tab
9.3 Design Resource and Property of a component
10 Using Lightning App and Lightning Component in different areas of Application
10.1 Overriding the Custom Action with Lightning Design System Bundle
10.2 Lighting App as an Application
10.3 Using Lightning App in Visualforce Page using Lightning out
11 Designing a reusable Datatable with Lightning Component
11.1 Pagination
11.2 Actions (View, Edit, Delete)
11.3 Dynamically displaying the field
12 Developing a search App to search for a record from multiple records
13 Debugging Lightning Apps and Lightning Components
14 Lightning Development with IDE

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